Monday, January 17, 2011

The Birth of Love

I get impatient some days and want the benefits of the full term without the wait time it requires, but i know the side effects of pre-mature love so I wait. Patience is key.

I want the joy of feeling the nudges and movements that connect us but understand that it may come with the pain and tears i have to bare to receive you.

I want to tell all my friends and family about you but i want to be sure you're really there so i wait for a trimester to pass.

I don't want others to have access and taint you or corrupt you or turn you against me. I move very cautious with my surroundings as you grow.

I want to kiss you and hug you and squeeze you so tight and never let you go. Sing you lullabies and tell you stories of all the wonderful times we'll share together.

I want to promise you that i will always be around and that i won't let anything happen to you because you're my "baby" and thats so special to me.

Loving you is like birthing a baby. One of the most bayooteefull experiences life can offer.

Peace y'all

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