Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Four Eyes

If were lucky, were all born with a pair of eyes. Eyes to see the world in front of us, around us, and everywhere. We see people, we see actions, we see objects, we see the sky, the trees, and we see life. For now, let's call these civilian eyes, I'll explain later. At some point, if were fortunate, we grow another set of eyes. Spiritual eyes. These eyes still see people, objects, actions and so on but they see much more. Spiritual eyes observe a person and looks inside them for the goodness in their heart. A goodness that may not appear to be there with your other eyes. These spiritual eyes see objects, trees, the sky, mountains, a car, and every other material and immaterial thing. But they are viewed as the man made and impossibly man made things that can only be possible through a God. I say even the man made things because at some point we have to accept that our divine creation as human beings with a brain brilliant enough to invent surely comes from a God. Our civilian eyes may take these sights for granted but once you grow spiritual eyes you see the God in everything. Spiritual eyes can see deep into the soul of its owner and see a beauty, a strength, a creature deserving of everything and anything. Civilian eyes can only see the surface and tends to get caught up in what may look like imperfections. Spiritual eyes can hold firm to the intangible and grasp it with belief. Civilian eyes can quite process the intangible because they mostly look with their minds and not with their hearts.

"Look for the God in everything", my Auntie tells me. When you start to look at the world, at people, at life through spiritual eyes you can see the God in everything. You can find peace where you once felt anger or bitterness. You find yourself giving where you never thought to before. You can finally understand why some things just are and even until you get that greater understanding, you can give love to a situation and be patient until you understand. You find yourself smiling when you least expected it.

In the Bible, it is referenced numerous times about the armour of God. There's a breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. So I look at us believers as soldiers for God's purpose and if you're not a soldier you're a civilian, hence civilian eyes. To seal that armour we need spiritual eyes to see life in a Godly way and spread love, light, and joy to all.

Put on your spiritual eyes.

Peace yall!

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