Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Faith. Less Fear.

"Know your worth and don't let anyone take advantage of you. Don't be fooled into thinking you need anyone or anything because you cant get it on your own. More Faith. Less Fear." - BJ Gianni

Working in the entertainment industry will surely test your will power and faith. It's an industry that welcomes in little and kicks out many. People willing to sacrifice any and every bit of themselves to make it to the big stage or to get a buck. An industry of hustlers, which does require a certain amount of sacrifice but to what end?

I've been battling a dilemma for the past few months and praying for a solution. But sometimes even when the signs are there, they can get covered up by fear, doubt, and anxiety. I've been very fortunate over the past few years to work with an organization I consider family. I've been blessed to work with them repeatedly over the years and receive an income that has allowed me to be comfortable in my lifestyle. Recently, there has been some disagreement about our working terms and I feel it's a sure sign that has come after months of my deliberation. Although I have been blessed with this ongoing opportunity, I feel its time to take my career to the next phase. I wont be negative about the organization because it has definitely been a flexible and understanding position that anyone would be grateful to have. However, now that were down to negotiating and cant seem to agree i have to evaluate some things. As I said, Ive been praying for an answer because I felt my time with this organization was coming to an end anyhow. As it stands now, some of the negotiated terms just don't sit well with me and I cant agree to them. So I've been asking myself what reasons are there to continue with this organization and other than money I just cant seem to find one. I'm in a different mindset these days and the atmosphere and drama that I allow into my world just ain't worth the money. Not to mention the travel back and forth that takes me away from NYC where my passion breathes life. So if the only reason I'm holding onto this position now is because I'm afraid to let go of the financial stability it provides than I gotta let that thang go. I know my worth and talent will take me far above in compensation than this opportunity ever has or will. I believe that God has been answering my prayers in presenting these ridiculous contract terms and providing other financial blessings to take the pressure off. So I guess it should be a done deal. I have more Faith in myself that I will succeed without this contract, than the Fear that my bills wont get paid as a result of losing this contract.

Peace yall!

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