Saturday, January 1, 2011

Long Live 2010

2010 has come to an end and if nothing else it has been a year of transformation or crossing over. There are so many highlights that stand out and they have all made it an unforgettable year. I crossed over from a young lady to a woman as I entered the world of my 30s. My bday celebration and travels were amazing and I'm not sure i could top them. I crossed over from an "inquisitive not quite sure" bystander to a "both feet in diligently seeking" Christian. I couldn't list all the ways my life has changed since i made the decision to seek God and know him for myself. Some days its like i don't even know myself but then i think yeah its like I'm not even myself, my old self and that's a great thing to know. Im transforming into a confident "don't sweat the small stuff" model/actress in my career and seeing many successes manifest from my new mindset. No one is perfect and in an industry where we, as actors, are portrayed to be perfect with makeup, Photoshop, editing and such, i had to learn how to forgive myself for not being perfect. I crossed over from being an "i wonder what she has going on?" to an "it don't matter what she got going on, cuz i got to focus on me" person. Im learning to love myself unconditionally and not apologize so much to others for being me and not being afraid to show the real me, letting my hair down. This past year marks the resting year of my mother, finally spreading her ashes in Barbados and allowing her soul to fully cross over to heaven. 2010 has brought experiences and lessons that transformed my way of thinking on finding love and keeping love. Im transforming from the stubborn, bitter, always holding onto my past hurts and ways to a loving, patient, and "let's focus on this new experience and not pass judgment or compare" woman. It ain't easy but I'm focused.

While I'm glad to meet 2011, I'm saddened to say farewell to 2010, so i won't. I will always remember the lessons of that year and use those memories as strength to fuel my desire to be a better woman, better Christian, better friend, daughter, lover, business person, and so on. Here's a toast to 2010, may your love and light live on and humble me forever.

Peace y'all

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