Sunday, January 23, 2011

You're nasty!

Oh my gosh, in the early hours of the night my brain won't let me sleep so I need to get this out. I've been home sick for a week and I've gone mad, literally bonkers! This is a vent and here it goes...

To all the snouty nosed kids and the parents of those kids: grab a tissue and use some sanitizer, its hanging on the wall of nearly every public place for crying out loud. USE IT and teach lil Bobby to quit touching everything. You're nasty!

To that woman I tweeted about last week that sneezed into the aisle on the bus without covering your're nasty! Your husband next to you covered his so what's your problem? Just nasty!

To my dear nieces who sneeze and cough in Auntie's face and get me sick everytime I leave you... You're nasty! Well only one of you cuz the other covers her mouth, thx Lia, Tianni, you're nasty! But Auntie still loves you :-)

To all the friends and strangers alike who recommend a drink and say "here you can taste mine"...You're nasty! That's how people share germs...duh! But I've done this too, so I guess I'm nasty (maybe I should remove this one?)

Moving on...

To the person who sneezed years ago and I can't quite remember who it was. I do, however, remember seeing all the particles fly out of your mouth called GERMS!!! You Are NASTY! Cover your mouth.

Oooooh! Oh! To all the co-workers, men, and rugrats that use the restroom, have the audacity to head straight for the exit and didn't wash your hands...YOU are the worst kind of nasty, just disgusting!!!

Oh my lanta! To all the employees in the public service industry. You are undeniably nasty if you scratch your head, face, neck or any other body part and then proceed to touch things. Note: "Employees MUST wash hands before returning to work." <----- have ya seen this sign buddy? You're nasty!!!

This is my petpeeve----> To all of you who bumped into a friend at a restaurant and linger over the table holding a conversation while they are clearly eating... You're RUDE and nasty! Your nose hairs, deodorant flakes, and maybe some dandruff have all just fell into my main course. Keep it moving and don't try to shake my hand, I'm eating...NASTY!!!!!!

I didn't apologize in advance for this vent because I'm deliriously sleepy and up way too early because I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 3am because sick people cant help but sleep at 9pm. Their immune systems need rest and now I'm up typing this entry that only a lunatic would write. But its all true so if this offends you in anyway, I mean even the slightest, guess what???


Peace yall!
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