Monday, March 21, 2011


Intense Fellowship (IF)!

Thats a new phrase I learned tonight during a prayer and planning session for a workshop I co-lead. I will use this phrase often to describe a normal occurrence in my world. I could say argue, debate, disagree, or battle but Intense Fellowship sounds much better. There was definitely some IFing going on tonight. As I walked through the doors of my apartment I was deep in thought. I was questioning my part in the intensity and recalling other situations where IFing occurred. It made me take a deeper look at me and why this is a normal occurrence.

First, let me say that plenty of folks said I missed my calling as an attorney because I love to debate my side of any case and hopefully persuade the other side to agree. But at the least I have to plead my case or speak my peace and be heard then agree to disagree. What frustrates me most is that often we'll be stating the same facts or views about the topic but were both so intent on battling or fellowshipping instensely that we fail to truly listen to one another. It would take an outside person to step in and say "Guys, youre saying the same thing, so move on already". Sometimes that person is me after a bit of debating but then I take on the intent of proving to my opponent that were fighting the same war and another debate sparks. My head is spinning thinking about me and my IFing throughout the year...throughout life.

I'm working on being a better listener personally and professionally, because it is key to communication. I ware myself out sometimes with my passionate stand on certain topics but yet I still engage in these experiences. I guess it irked me tonight because I really want the group to be on one accord but sometimes you have to ruffle feathers to reach your full potential, get people's brain spinning. I'm passionate about letting God do the speaking for us and personal limitations can block his blessings of wisdom for us. With that being said, my intensity can be considered a personal limitation in that sometimes I dont want to listen to what others have to say and I want to drive my point home. I've been praying for words of love and unity within the organzation and I'm confident that they will come down at the appointed times. Obviously tonight wasn't the appointed time and the Intense Fellowship was a bit awkard at times. But it's great working with passionate people looking to serve a greater purpose, bigger than ourselves. My prayer is that God bless the group with like minds and hearts and guide our lips to speak necessary words that fulfill his purpose for our mission.

Intense Fellowship, ha ha, that phrase just tickles me.

Peace yall!

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