Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week was a challenging week for me. I had a sad day or two with my moms birthday and some other things. I was blessed with a really big audition on my moms bday that forced me to wipe my tears back and slap on a happy face. I will admit that money was the motivator for jumping up to catch this audition. Well money and that it was in the beauty industry which I've been longing to break into. So I went and the casting director loved me, she touched my hair, asked me questions, and gave me some tips on auditioning for beauty gigs. She even told me that day she was going to invite me to the callback (second audition). It was just the ray of light I needed after a somewhat dark day. I had something to look forward to. So I get the callback, which was no surprise and made sure my hair looked even more fabulous when I arrived. I walked around the city all day with a scarf on my head so not a hair would move out of its perfect place. When I walked through the door for my second audition I thought the hairstylist was mid orgasm, lmbo. He instantly loved my hair and even more once he saw that it was all mine. He was like "it looks like a weave, I can't believe it". So we went through the process and they asked if I was open to color and cut. "Yes and Yes, absolutely!", I say. I walk out feeling high as a skyscraper (cuz that's higher than a kite) until...I see the competition. Let me rewind a bit. I had a chance to ask the sign in attendant how many girls they were casting. She didn't know how many but she did know they only called 17 girls to the callback. I felt privileged and proud of myself for making the top 17. Ok fast forward to the competition. One after the other these long legged heffas start rolling in, now mind you, I'm a long legged heffa too but we aint talking about me, we talking about them. First Danielle Evans winner of America's Next Top Model (ANTM). Instantly I'm like great she's in the running? Then this gorgeous dark skinned model who I've seen on tons of stuff who hair like black gold if there is such a thing. And finally, Bianca Golden from ANTM as well. Although she didn't win the cycle she had a pretty good run on the show and has made a name for herself since then. I follow her on Twitter and her blog to sneak peaks at her world. I didn't want to stick around to see who else was coming so I quickly finished my other audition and got out of that casting studio. So now I'm walking the streets still excited about potentially booking this five- figure gig but a little insecure about me because of the others girls there. I had to check myself because I would've spent the rest of the week stressing and comparing and wondering. I had to realize that I won already by getting the audition, callback, and praises from the hairstylist. I realized that the universe had answered a prayer. The synchronicity of opened doors in the beauty world were coming my way now. I also checked myself about feeling out of my league with the competition I was up against. I'm not out of my league, I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Right where God planted me for a purpose. I just found out I was released from the hold they put me on and its not as hard to swallow as I thought. Once I realized the lessons in this opportunity I could only accept the news as another stepping stone towards my greatness. Oh and I found out they were casting three girls for the shoot so Kudos to the three they booked but Thank God for me for the lessons of being Released.

Peace yall!
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  1. Love this entry.. Hilarious, I feel like i was there w/ you. Get excited, your one step closer to the gig thats perfect for you. That's what we do, we get excited about the chances we had and look forward to the ones God has tailored just for us. PS: u gotta get an audition song to gasssss u up jus b4 every audition. I can share mine if you'd like,lol

  2. BJ you're in a league of your own! You'll get the next one! Love the new look! Ummmmm can I add help with mine to my tech/ipad appointment... LOL.