Monday, March 14, 2011

My Image

Image... Its not about appearing perfect and its not solely about your wardrobe and hair-do. Its about the appearance that you are serious about YOU and have invested in yourself. Whether its ironing the wrinkles of your dress shirt or double checking in the mirror for loose strings or food between your teeth. Breath mints or gum should accompany business meetings just like your business cards. First impressions are redeemable but very unforgettable. A firm confident handshake has always impressed me, especially as a woman. What's the first thing that you would think if you were greeted with a wimpy limpy handshake? Confidence is key. They say "an emergency on your part doesn't constitute an emergency for me". Well I say "lack of preparation on your part, doesn't constitute a second chance on my part". Sometimes all you get is one shot, there are people that don't give second chances, that's a fact. So why take that risk by not being prepared. I'm learning that I need to be ready for whatever the day will bring me. If that means setting the alarm thirty minutes earlier because I'm a Snoozer than so be it. If it means always carrying a bag of tricks wherever I go for whatever comes my way, than I'll do it (deodorant, brush, backup flash drive in case the email presentation didn't go through, maybe an extra shirt to sweat in before I arrive to an appointment and then change). Take a few minutes to peak in the bathroom mirror or wherever your reflection can be seen. Make sure your appearance is crossing all T's and dotting all the I's that you have set for your desired image.

These are just a few tricks I'm learning to embrace as I get serious about myself and what I'm here to accomplish. What's in your bag and what's your desired Image?

Peace yall!

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