Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Soulful Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I was motivated to do some cleaning and rearranging in my apartment. I moved furniture around, straightened up some messy areas, threw out some old and broken stuff, and gave my apartment a new look. I felt I needed a change of scenery, a fresh feel to an old living space and that's exactly what I accomplished. After a long day in the house and some spontaneous grocery shopping to complete my day of Spring Cleaning I sat and prayed. I thanked God for what my day consumed, as I always do, and then I found myself talking about the rearranging that took place. It went a little something like this "Lord, thank you for moving me to rearrange and clean out and spruce up my apartment. I pray that you will also help me to do a Spring Cleaning of my soul. Help me to remove unnecessary or unwanted items from my surroundings, allow me to dust off blessings that were hidden deep in my spiritual closet, guide me into rearranging the furniture off my life to a more purpose filled location. And for the pieces of me that are current to this new season, show me how to tweak and readjust them to a peaceful presentable fashion. Bring in the latest trends of this blessed season so that I may be equipped to walk a consistent walk with a lighter load. Amen!"

I woke this morning eager to read, write, eat and play in the unfamiliar surroundings of my apartment. I too, am eager to learn, play, give, and receive in the unfamiliar surroundings of the new season that God is bringing upon me. In the Spring Cleaning of my soul I need to seek out those undesirable areas that should be discarded and not donated or transferred onto another. I shall pray for guidance with letting go of the issues I've been holding onto, season after season, that have done nothing but cluttered my Spiritual Closet and blocked space for new ideas and blessings. I will dust myself off by choosing a better attitude each day, especially during adverse moments. In my physical life, I have always been some what of a Pack Rat and have difficulty letting go of old clothes, shoes, and other nic nacs in my possession. I surely believe this is true in my spiritual life as well. For as much as I pray and say I want to change and be a better "me" I continue to hold onto grudges, past hurts, undesirable people and habits.

I'm proud to say that slowly I've been allowing myself to do away with those cluttering items like the jeans I cant fit or just shouldn't wear anymore. Or shoes that are out of season or too small for my feet since they've grown. The same holds truth for my soul. There are some habits and characteristics about myself that are no longer attractive or suitable for this season of my life. Likewise, as I grow closer to God, there will be plenty more "shoes" or ways that these feet will grow out of. I have to be willing to let them all go to receive the bigger blessings of a renewed closet of knowledge and wisdom appropriate for my NOW. Because I've been such a Pack Rat over the years, I can honestly say that Spring Cleaning was non-existent. Well, a new season is the present and I'm beyond overjoyed that Spring Cleaning exists in my world, physically and spiritually.

Peace yall!

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