Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remembering Tia

57 years ago, a bayooteefull baby girl was born and her name was Tia. That baby girl, the oldest of six siblings total, grew up to be an amazing strong talented creative woman. There was nothing she couldn't do once she applied herself and with determination she accomplished much. From computer training in the 80s to insurance companies to fashion production, drawing, make-up to modeling and on to her final destination of jazz singing. This woman was a chameleon, adapting to her surroundings and bringing joy to people everywhere. She often traveled to Barbados and spent weekends out on Chesapeake Bay. Two completely different scenes but equally pleasing to her because she got the party started any and everywhere she went. A fearless woman that possessed so many talents she couldn't possibly display them all in one lifetime. Tia was a force to be reckoned with and she shined her light on so many people. Even through her illness, she experienced the highlights of some of her most memorable moments. Her singing career came at the peak of her cancer and her audiences loved her. Some had no idea she was sick had it not been for her trademarked bald head. Her voice had a new purpose and she spent her final years singing to "express herself and to encourage others". For her "sister survivors" she would say. Although Tia, my mommy, is no longer with us physically, her spirit and voice lives and breathes through her family, friends, and fans. You ask anyone that knew her, even if just a brief encounter, and try to find a person whom she didn't make an impression. They don't exist!

Tia was and will forever be a remarkable woman. Her beauty, legacy, and creativity live on through her husband, children, and grandchildren. We love you mommy and thank you so much for being the woman you were that made us the beings we are today.

May God bless her soul as she soars above.

Peace yall!

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