Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pretty Girl Confessions - Part 1

I'm a bit irritated at the moment so I'm motivated to start my first entry to a series called "Pretty Girl Confessions". I've been planning this series in my head for a while but like I said I'm moved tonight to start it. I guess I touched briefly on it in an earlier entry and maybe throughout my blog. These ideas that people have about a pretty girl and what is expected of her. First let me say "What the hell is a pretty girl and who the hell can decide what a pretty girl's life and behaviors should even be?" Someone said to me tonight that I'm too pretty to frown my face up. What the hell does that even mean? I know I have a temper and I pray on it often but I am human. Sorry let me calm down because I'm frowning even as I type this. REWIND!

Pretty Girl Confessions is going to be a series about my experiences past and present about the expectations us "pretty girls" are supposed to live up to. When I say pretty girl I mean that image that society has deemed a pretty girl. Whether it be her facial structure, wardrobe, body shape and so on. I personally think beauty comes from within but we can all get sucked into society's image from time to time. I've recently had conversations with some of the teens in the youth program about image and what they think about pretty girls. I've certainly had my share of experiences throughout life and even more so now that I'm in the modeling industry which is based primarily on looks. It's one of the reasons I started this blog. The title Crazy Bayooteefull has multiple meanings in my life and the craziness of this society's effect on beautiful people and non-beautiful people according to their standards is a topic to talk about. I think im too aggravated to go into detail tonight, after all, I do like to keep this blog on the lighter side when possible. But stay tuned for more in depths discussions from Pretty Girl Confessions.

Peace yall!

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